Winter play with the Kids

So it’s that time of the year when you are stuck in doors with the kids because it’s too cold to go outside. What activities can you do to keep them entertained without breaking the budget and having fun! Children love adventure, especially when they use their own imagination to produce something amazing. So let’s just take a look at some activities that you will enjoy as a family.

Junk modelling is something that all children enjoy, and it doesn’t have to be boring by just using cereal boxes and toilet roll tubes. Rummaging through draws and under the beds with the kids is so much fun as you will find, buttons, small old toys, plastic spoons, and so much more. Make your own city with people, cars and shops.

Do you have any old wooden spoons in the kitchen you no longer use? These are great for creating characters for a puppet show. You along with your children, will have lots of fun sticking on bits an bobs to make the spoons come to life, don’t forget the old socks hiding in the draws, they are great as puppets too. Remember, your puppet show characters can have Islamic names and have a moral to the story.

If your children love baking, make a show of this activity and pretend they are on TV, why not give the show a name, letting your children choose. If you have boys let them get involved too, you may be amazed how much they enjoy it. Making biscuits? Try using iced piping to write an Arabic letter on the biscuit!

Last but not least SLIME, this is such winner at the moment. This activity involves your little ones being the scientist and experimenting with ingredients, adding colour, glitter and even a hidden plastic toy in the slime. Did you know, that playing with slime is actually very therapeutic for children, it also helps with stimulation for children who have weak hand muscles too!

Remember, indoor winter activities don’t have to be boring, children have a wealth of imagination. Doing an activity together no matter how big or small, also creates an emotional bond with your child. Children are leaders of tomorrow, but parents are the role model teachers.