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  • Alphabet Frame

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  • Alphabet Kaaba


    Features a solid wooden box with the WORLDS FIRST 28 bi lingual blocks Arabic English and Numbers 1 to 10

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  • Arabic Alphabet Sound Puzzle


    World’s first ever wooden Arabic alphabet puzzle.

    Replace the letter in the correct position to hear it’s name eg. Alif, Baa, Taa etc.

    A wonderful way for children to learn the Arabic Alphabet.

    • Suitable for children aged 3+ years
    • Made from quality wood
    • Includes 2xAAA batteries
    • Meets UK and European standards for Toy safety, EN71, CE.
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  • iPray Salah Pad for girls


    Teaching everything from the 5 Salah times to the full prayer with Adhan, Iqama, Dua’s and much more.

    • Nicely illustrated to see the steps in Wudhu and Salah
    • Press the play buttons under each picture to hear and learn how to perform Wudhu and Salah
    • Press and follow each play button to hear the recitation in each position in Salah
    • Press the i button to hear details for each positon in Salah
    • Press the Adhan button to hear the beautiful call to prayer
    • Press the Dua buttons to hear Dua’a after Adhan and Wudhu
    • Learn how many rakahs there are in each Salah and the Dua after Salah

    This is a great way to help children enjoy learning the values and correct way to perform Salah – fun, interactive and innovative.

    • Comes ready to use with 3 x AAA batteries included
    • Girl iPray pad has female voice recitations
    • Comes with its own very detailed Beginners Guide to Salah to supplement the iPray pad
    • All teachings in the iPray pad and in the guide book are according to the Hanafi School.

    NOTE: The batteires included are for demonstration purposes and therefore may have a short shelf life.

    Please note that iPray Salah pads only recorded in English and Arabic only.  All iPray pads meet all the required British and European, Health and Safety requirements CE, EN71, and Rohs certified. (Age: 3+ Years).

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  • My Salah Mat


    My Salah Mat is a prayer mat designed to educate children on how to perform the Muslim prayer in a fun and enjoyable way.

    The interactive prayer mat is touch sensitive and has pre-recorded keys that can be touched to reveal the sound, such as the Adhan, prayer times, how to do wudu, recite surahs, say duas, and much more.

    Product Features

    36 Touch Sensitive Keys

    Each key will play a different part of the salah. For example we have Wudu Key, which tells the learner how to do wudu. Key for Qibla, Adhan, and much more…

    7 Languages

    Translated to 7 different languages. We have urdu, Malaysian, Indonesian, English, French, Arabic and Turkish.

    Stand & Pray

    When you stand up on the prayer mat, it recognises you are standing for prayer. It will start with Allahu Akbar

    Waterproof & Fire Resistant Material

    This interactive prayer mat has been made using waterproof and fire resistant material.

    Volume Control

    3 levels of volume control, when you need it louder its there for you.

    Free 12 page Salah Activity Book

    Specifically developed for children, this activity book will help children learn in a fun and easy way. Making Salah enjoyable.

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  • Soft Foam Blocks

    • Arabic text and English transliteration
    • Letters, Numbers, Words and corresponding Images and Arithmetic Symbols
    • Ideal for kick-starting your child’s journey to learning the Arabic language
    • Soft, Safe and Durable
    • 28 Blocks
    Kick-Start Arabic Learning Journey
    Muid’s Arabic Alphabet & Number Learning Blocks are an enjoyable way to not only teach children the Arabic alphabet and numbering systems, but also to help them kick-start their journey to learning the Arabic language.
    Language, Imaginative and Number Skills
    This exciting, attractive and brightly-coloured set consists of 28 individually designed non-toxic blocks – each having a finely printed Arabic letter, number and word along with corresponding images and English transliterations – idealfor building children’s vocabulary and stimulating their language, imaginative and number skills.
    Cognitive Development
    These blocks are a fantastic means of aiding children’s cognitive development by not only providing them with a way to engage in memory and mathematical games, but the added ability to physically build structures contributes to their spatial and divergent problem-solving skills.
    Soft, Safe, Durable and Stick together when Wet
    These soft blocks are made of super high density foam with precise edges for easy building and stacking. They are safe, durable and even float and stick together when wet!
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  • The Box of Manners


    Meet the box that’s just bursting to teach Islamic manners and etiquettes!  The box of Manners is a set of delightfully illustrated cards educating Islamic manners and etiquettes.  These cards are used in three exciting games, developing interpersonal and social behavioural skills.  The games cover memory application and referencing skills.

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