Fabric Ramadan Calendar

Fabric Ramadan Calendar

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Handmade Fabric Ramadan Calendar.
– The size of this calendar is 58 cm x 49 cm.
– Each of the 30 felt pockets are approx 7 cm x 7 cm – large enough to hold a treat or toy/gift.
– The calendar is made from upholstery fabric giving it the strength and stability to hold the weight of the toys/gifts placed inside the pockets.

This is a calendar that children will love, and can be used year after year to instill excitement for the beautiful month of Ramadan. In Shaa Allah it will start a family tradition like it has with my children – although they are too young to fast they feel like they are involved in the month with us. I also place little notes inside the pockets with challenges (do something nice for your neighbour, make a gift for your brother/sister, learn 3 of Allah’s names).

(toys/sweets/gifts are not included)

* This item is not washable. Spot clean only.

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Weight 100.0 g
Dimensions 56 x 49 cm