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  • Ramadan Dua Sound Book


    The one book you can find all the essential dua’s for Ramadan in both Arabic and English. Enjoy reading this lighthearted and fun story about Ramadan and Eid!

    Children will love to press the sound panel to hear the correct Arabic pronunciation of essential Ramadan Dua’s. They can slide the switch to hear the English meaning.

    “It’s Ramadan, and Fatima and Ali are excited to be fasting for the first time ever. Follow their journey through this sacred month with this charming storybook, complete with du’as in Arabic and English, ‘Eid greetings from around the world, and even a secret recipe to make Iftar Extra delicious!”

    Both parents and teachers will find this book to be a useful guide.

    Hear the following duas in both Arabic and English

    • Dua’ for Beginning Fast
    • Dua for Breaking Fast
    • Dua’ after Breaking Fast
    • Surah AlQadr
    • Dua’ for Laylatul Qadr
    • Dua’ for New Moon
    • Eid Takbeer
    • Eid Mubarak
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  • Explore It!


    Little Explorers – Explore iT! 

    Have fun with learning with the Explore iT workbook!

    What’s inside Explore iT?

    • Word searches
    • Word games
    • Arabic alphabet activity
    • Crosswords
    • Colouring fun
    • Let’s cook: Honey nut cookies

    Plus lots more activities!

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  • Bismillah Set


    Set includes:
    1x Tumbler (250ml capacity)
    1x Bowl (170mm diameter)
    1x Plate (230mm diameter)

    Microwave and dishwasher safe
    BPA free
    Extra tough plastic – stain resistant and durable

    Enjoy our Bismillah range of tableware for your mini muslim, a beautiful tumbler, bowl and plate with a minimalist design. This set is stain-resistant and versatile, it can be used for dinner and picnics alike!

    A creative way to remind your mini muslim to begin with Bismillah and end with Alhamdulillah when eating their meal!

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  • Stories of the Prophets


    This multipack includes five stories of Prophet Ibrahim, Nuh, Adam, Easa and Musa AS.

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  • Pink Prayer Mat

    £15.99 £12.95 -19%

    This handmade colourful prayer mat can be used to encourage young children to pray.  This prayer mat would make an ideal gift for a little Muslimah.  It is made of felt material and has extra padding for comfort.  It is available in different designs and colours.

    Approximate size 85cm x 45cm

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  • Your Surahs Made Easy part 1


    All praise and thanks are for Allah who has allowed us to explain some of His book.

    This book looks at 11 Surahs of the Quran, Surah Al Faatiha and the last 10 Surahs. This book is aimed at 9 year old to adults. Every Surah has a few pages to it.

    – 1st page has arabic text and simplified translation
    – 2nd page has the story behind the Surah and lessons for us
    – the last page has questions for you, to see if you were paying attention

    The graphics of this book are of the highest degree, it is very colourful and enjoyable to study. Knowing what Allah is saying to us will make all the difference.

    This is one of a kind book, Insha-Allah you will benefit greatly from it.

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  • iPray Salah Pad for girls


    Teaching everything from the 5 Salah times to the full prayer with Adhan, Iqama, Dua’s and much more.

    • Nicely illustrated to see the steps in Wudhu and Salah
    • Press the play buttons under each picture to hear and learn how to perform Wudhu and Salah
    • Press and follow each play button to hear the recitation in each position in Salah
    • Press the i button to hear details for each positon in Salah
    • Press the Adhan button to hear the beautiful call to prayer
    • Press the Dua buttons to hear Dua’a after Adhan and Wudhu
    • Learn how many rakahs there are in each Salah and the Dua after Salah

    This is a great way to help children enjoy learning the values and correct way to perform Salah – fun, interactive and innovative.

    • Comes ready to use with 3 x AAA batteries included
    • Girl iPray pad has female voice recitations
    • Comes with its own very detailed Beginners Guide to Salah to supplement the iPray pad
    • All teachings in the iPray pad and in the guide book are according to the Hanafi School.

    NOTE: The batteires included are for demonstration purposes and therefore may have a short shelf life.

    Please note that iPray Salah pads only recorded in English and Arabic only.  All iPray pads meet all the required British and European, Health and Safety requirements CE, EN71, and Rohs certified. (Age: 3+ Years).

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  • Little Explorers – Is It Salah Time? Issue 25


    Little Explorers – Issue 25 | The Islamic Magazine for Muslim Children

    In issue 25, the Little Explorer characters are on a mission to fix their salah.

    What’s inside issue 25?

    • I Love Salah
    • Treasure of Al-Fatiha
    • Puzzling Puzzles
    • Creative Crafts: Chatterbox Game
    • Allah’s Amazing Animals: The Buraq
    • The WonderNoor Workshop
    • The Key to Paradise: 17 Special Rakahs
    • Story Corner: Aunty Sajidah’s Tale of Salah

    Plus lots more activities, puzzles & stories!


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  • Ramadan Around The World Book


    Ramadan Around The World covers how children from various cultures around the world celebrate Ramadan. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the Muslim community around the world. Children of various nationalities, abilities and disabilities are represented throughout the book. Also, families of diverse sizes and demographics have been equally represented. The book is narrated by the Ramadan moon who takes the reader around the world to visit children as they observe Ramadan.

    As the moon visits each country, a wide range of cultural customs, dishes, traditional wear and key Ramadan spiritual practices are introduced to the reader. The young reader will be swept away with the bright colors and relatable content and also enjoy this journey of travel, discovery and learning.

    It is a book that can be enjoyed by children as young as one and as old as 11 as each child will notice something that speaks to them or teaches them something new.  Toddlers will love the illustrations that depict people and food; preschoolers will enjoy making connections to it; young readers will be excited to read this on their own; elementary school kids will gain an insight into the different architecture and environment on each page; and, older readers will be delighted to learn that the Muslim world they are a part of spreads to all the ends of the earth.


    • Teaches children about people, cultures and countries across the world
    • Focuses on inclusion and acceptance of diverse abilities, disabilities and family types e.g. single mother, raised by grandparents, two-parent homes, etc.
    • Highlights key Ramadan vocabulary
    • Vibrant and fun illustrated spreads that are easy to follow
    • Includes a map for kids and info for educators on Ramadan
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  • Eid Gift Wrap – Geometrics


    – 1 Sheet Eid Mubarak Gift Wrap (50cm x 70cm)

    – 1 Strung Tag

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  • Alphabet Kaba


    Features a solid wooden box with the WORLDS FIRST 28 bi lingual blocks Arabic English and Numbers 1 to 10

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  • Young Muslim’s Mindful Book of Wellbeing


    Most parents can teach their children how to pray and read the Qur’an, but we often struggle to enable them to be able to apply simple Islamic concepts to the way they perceive and react to life’s challenges, and to have a peaceful, reflective outlook. Lovingly written by Zanib Mian, The Young Muslim’s Mindful Book of Wellbeing is every child’s comforting companion; something to turn to when they need to be reassured, inspired, motivated and lifted – all because of Allah T’aala. Through this book, children can develop a deeply spiritual mind-set and sense of well-being insha’Allah.

    contents of book:

    • Real Happiness and How to Find it
    • A Way Out of Every Problem
    • The Bigger Picture
    • Friends
    • How to Feel OK If You Wanted Something, butDidn’t Get It.
    • Allah’s Love
    • Feeling Sad
    • Jealousy and Being Happy With What You Have
    • Negative Thoughts vs Positive Thoughts
    • How to Deal With Worry and Bad Expectations
    • Getting Closer to Allah Through Nature
    • Talking to Allah
    • Be Bored and Breathe
    • How to Let Go of Things That Have Already happened
      • How to Survive Other People’s Negativity
      • Shining From the Inside


      Paperback 36 pages

      For ages 7+

      14 x 14cm – handy size to carry around

      Paperback 36 pages

      For ages 7+

      14 x 14cm – handy size to carry around

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