Talking Muslim Aaminah Doll

Talking Muslim Aaminah Doll

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  • Bi-lingual 16″ soft plush doll that speaks and sings
  • Interactive hands, feet, number pad and colour pad
  • Over four minutes of sound
  • Muslim doll speaks English and Arabic
  • Fun way for young children to learn languages
  • Ages 3+
  • Aamina speaks when you press her hands and feet.

This is an enjoyable way for your children to learn about Islam and it’s teachings.

Aamina will recite some essential Quranic words, phrases and surahs together with their meanings, including:

  • Now with Tajweed – correct Arabic pronunciation
  • As-Salamu’Alaikum
  • Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
  • Al-hamdu lillah
  • Subhanallah
  • Insha’llah 
  • Jazakallah Khair
  • Masha’llah
  • La ilaha illallah, Muhammad dur Rasul’llah
  • Surah Ikhlas followed by translation
  • Surah Fatiha followed by translation
  • Songs about Islam

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Weight 700.00 g
Dimensions 39 × 18 × 25 cm

5 reviews for Talking Muslim Aaminah Doll

  1. Dia Omar

    Very nice.

  2. Puja


  3. Nasima

    Found the link via Instragram. Very prompt replies to queries which was impressing.I purchased the above doll without hesitation yesterday for my niecee I cannot wait for delivery to come and to give my niecee am more than confident she will love and take the doll everywhere with her. I have recommended this page to all my friends and family. All products very educational and prices are very reasonable I shall be shopping here regular with no doubt inshallah.

  4. Assia

    Love it.. excellent quality… sound is very clear so child can understand pronunciation very well

  5. Zaina Khan

    It is a good doll although in one of the songs, about salah. The names are wrong it goes, Fajr, Maghrib, Asr, Maghrib and Eesha. So it misses out Dhuhr. Other than that my sister loves the doll and takes it everywhere with her.

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