Tasbeeh Plaque

Tasbeeh Plaque


An ideal gift for newborns, birthdays or when decorating  your little ones room! Our unique Tasbeeh plaque is an ideal keepsake which can be placed on a mantelpiece or shelf. Of course, this comes with an Islamic twist, making it that extra bit special.

SubahanAllah – Allah is free from imperfections.

Al-hamdulillah- All praise is due to Allah

AllahuAkbar- Allah is the greatest.

Why has Mother Bee decided to write these three words on this plaque? Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) has said that these are some of the dearest phrases of Allah (SWT) and has many benefits in reciting these. Why not familiarise the little ones with these key phrases that they can eventually learn and be rewarded for.

PLEASE NOTE; This product is made out of 100% solid wood and therefore may contain some imperfections due to its natural material.

  •  9.5cm x 27cm
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