99 Names of Allah Boxed Card Set

99 Names of Allah Boxed Card Set

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Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem, Al-Malik, Al-Quddoos. The Beautiful Names of Allah echoed around the world. Be a part of this recital by having your very own 99 Names of Allah Flash Cards. The pack includes 198 Brightly coloured and illustrated cards assisted with a Parent’s Guide to allow your children to learn in diverse ways and benefit immensely during this blessed month of Ramadan. ASMA UL HUSNA
“Invoke Allah or invoke the Most Beneficent (Allah), by whatever name you invoke Him, for to Him belong the Best Names.” Al Isra: Chapter 17 Verse 11.
Flashcards are bright , colourful and a fun way to help children memorise the 99 names of Allah. This pack contains two sets of flashcards. Arabic cards to practice reading and writing Arabic in its simplest form. English cards will enable children to learn the meaning of each name with a transliteration that will make it easier to help children to pronounce each Arabic word correctly.
Matching activity will help children to: Learn to recognise words, colours, numbers and sounds. Improve memory and concentration skills Build word and recognition and vocabulary Reading and spelling English and Arabic words.

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