An Ocean in One Drop - The Tale of Hajar in Hajj

An Ocean in One Drop - The Tale of Hajar in Hajj

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An Ocean in One Drop is a children’s book that tells the background story of the woman honoured within the Islamic Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage; Hajar.

During this pilgrimage Hajar’s story is expressed through the core ritual of Sa’ee, which ends with pilgrims drinking holy Zamzam water. This ritual remembers Hajar’s experience of being stranded in the desert, alone with her infant son, searching for water and help.

An Ocean in One Drop recounts Hajar’s desert struggle to young audiences, through the story of Jamila and her grandmother – who explains the importance of this pivotal moment within the Islamic faith.

Using poetic rhyming couplets and stunning water colour visuals, this children’s book explores Hajar’s narrative through the opposing themes of water and desert, life and death, and ancient heritage in modern times.

Format: Paperback

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