Ilyas & Duck Ramadan Joy

Ramadan 2019

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  • Ilyas & Duck Ramadan Joy

    £15.99 £9.99 -38%

    NEW! A rhyming story about the joys of Ramadan. There’s fasting, good deeds, empathy, oh boy! There’s even a new character for your kids to enjoy.

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  • Ramadan Chocolate Calendar



    Ramadan CHOCOLATE calendar – order yours now!

    A fun and educational calendar for children & adults – questions and answers to test your knowledge. The calendar contains pieces of milk chocolate in a box decorated with Islamic illustrations and poem for you to enjoy at the end of each fasting day.

    Store in a cool dry place between 10 and 18 degrees.

    NOTE: Contains traces of EGGS and is produced where NUTS are handled. 

    A beautiful gift for your child or loved one. Let’s make this Ramadan an educational and fun experience!

    Note colour and style may vary slightly.

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  • Pink Rainbow Quran


    Beautiful Rainbow Quran

    Faux leather embossed cover Qurans
    Uthmani script (Haf’s Edition)
    Medium (20cm by 14cm)
    Arabic only
    15 lines
    4 colours inside
    Quran colour may slightly differ due to the lighting

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  • Ramadan Moon Book


    Muslims all over the world observe Ramadan and the joyful days of Eid-ul-Fitr at the end of the month of fasting as the most special time of year. This lyrical and inspiring picture book captures the wonder and delight of this great annual event. Accompanied by illustrations inspired by Iranian art, the story follows the waxing of the moon from the first new crescent to full moon and waning until Eid is heralded by the first sighting of the second new moon. This book is for all children who celebrate Ramadan and those in the wider communities who want to understand why it is such a special experience for Muslims.

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  • Professional Black Edition: Ramadan Legacy Planner


    A powerful and inspiring, smart Ramadan planner designed to take you on a step-by-step meaningful journey to help you achieve your biggest goals, create your 30-day action plan, and have a life-changing Ramadan. It’s more than just a planner. It inspires you to become the best version of yourself and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to achieve that.

    Roadmap Your Ramadan

    • The planner inspirationally guides you through a step-by-step roadmap to prepare for Ramadan, fulfil it with excellence, and leap beyond Ramadan!

    Plan Each Day Powerfully

    • Our 30-day action plan is one of a kind. A simple daily system to help you cover all of your worshipping activities and achieve your daily actionable goals.

    Challenge Yourself & Dream Big

    • We provide you with a unique and powerful exercises to challenge your inner self and dream big, we then help you to break that down into actionable goals for the month!

    Smart Digital Interaction

    • Scan the QR codes to digitally interact with the planner and follow our video guides on how to make the most of the planner and immerse in extra Ramadan content!

    Elegant Islamic Design

    • Every detail matters. We carefully and thoughtfully designed the flow and user interface of the planner. It speaks to your heart page by page.

    Handcrafted Exclusive Quality

    • Hand drawn artistic embossing, Japanese smooth quality paper, and a compact soft leather cover for a compact, stylish and practical feel.


    Product Specifications

    • A5 5.8″ x 8.3″ in compact size
    • Soft-leather flexi bound with curved edges
    • 144 page full-colour high quality printing
    • Japanese speciart smooth quality paper 110gsm
    • 350g weight per planner
    • Shrink-wrapping with belly band wrap
    • Ribbon and elastic band
    • Undated to sell in any year


    What’s Inside The Planner?

    Stage 1: Knowledge for Your Ramadan Journey

    Learn inspirational knowledge that you need to internalize the purpose of Ramadan and cover off on the beautiful highlights of the key stages of Ramadan in terms of its spiritual depth and importance in your life. We also have authentic du’as, tips, tricks and a welcome video!


    Stage 2: Powerfully Prepare for Ramadan

    We take you through a 5-stage powerful Ramadan preparation exercise empowering you to understand where you are with your faith, where you want to go and how to get there. We cover everything from writing your personal Ramadan story, setting your Ramadan vision and goals, creating a master du’a list and more!



    Stage 3: Journey Through Your 30-Day Action Plan

    Never miss an act of worship with our 30-day action plan, featuring a daily schedule, checklist of prayers, Qur’an tracker, inspirational quote, goal tracking, gratitude card and personal space to journal each day. We have personal reflection check-ins to give you space to breathe along the way and make sure you are on track for a successful Ramadan.

    Stage 4: Continuing The Ramadan Journey

    It doesn’t stop there, we provide a guide on what to do after Ramadan ends including reflection practices, what to do on Eid, extra fasting and how to maintain the essence of Ramadan. There’s also plenty of space at the end to journal and use the planner as a notebook!

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  • Ramadan Craft Box

    £11.99 £5.99 -50%

    Enjoy learning about The First Revelation with the Ramadan Limited Edition Story time box!

    Sculpt a cave using clay, create a scroll using an ageing paper technique, then set up the scene using remaining props before reading the story.

    The Reading Book is a short story illustrating the amazing event which took place 1400 years ago. It’s designed to entertain young children, while awakening in them an understanding about the message of the Holy Quran. This story time box will help children appreciate the best loved stories from the Holy Quran.

    Skills developed 

    We have ensured each box helps children develop their

    * Language skills

    * Fine-motor skills,

    * Critical thinking ability

    * Artistic skills

    * Imaginative play

    Most importantly, we make sure that our products are kid-approved and packed with creativity, fun, and play!

    Because of our extensive development process, we know your child will be excited to discover and explore what’s inside.

    Our activity box goes beyond just providing  all the materials and instructions. they are meaningful activities That add a little intention to playtime and help parents and kids together explore stories from the Holy Quran.

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    1 Orange 16″ Pompom

    1 Hot Pink 16″ Pompom

    1 Turquoise 16″ Pompom

    * pom poms arrive folded but not fully bloomed takes 4-5 minutes to bloom out

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  • Geo – Eid Mubarak Paper Cups


    5 Paper cups

    Size: 9 oz

    Board & inks used for this product conform to UK & Europe standards.

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  • Gold Foil Eid Balloons


    These Air-Fill balloons are easy to inflate using the straw provided and will easily attach to each other as they have tabs for easy hanging, for party centerpieces.

    NOT SUITABLE FOR HELIUM  these balloons do not float & need to be hung by string

    each balloon is 16″ tall

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  • Eid Mubarak Card


    Simple, elegent and luxuriously hot foiled on to a textured linen card.

    – Comes individually cello wrapped with a cream envelope.

    – Sized at 150mm square and blank inside.

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  • Rose Gold Eid Mubarak Foil Balloons, Rose Gold Arabic Balloons & Hessian Bunting Set

    • Celebrate Eid in style with our shabby chic decoration set
    • Set includes 2m hessian Eid Mubarak bunting, 12 rose gold Eid Mubarak Arabic balloons & rose gold Eid Mubarak foil letter balloons
    • Foil balloons inflate by using the straw provided to blow them up. No need for helium. Hang using string that threads through the top of each letter
    • Bunting made out of durable jute hessian fabric – suitable indoors or outside
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  • Ramadan Mubarak Fan set


    6 piece Fan Set

    1. 16″ BLACK


    3. 12″WHITE



    6. 8″BLACK

    2- lantern gold medallions

    2- ramadan mubarak gold medallion

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