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  • The English Alphabet – Write & Wipe Flashcards



    • 29 large double-sided wipe-clean flash cards.
    • 2 wipe clean pens: 1 red and 1 blue, with detachable erasers.
    • Full multilingual support in 11 languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish, Malay, Urdu, Bengali and Chinese (Mandarin).
    • Multilingual support includes: a) instructions and b) removable sound stickers in all supported languages.
    • Fun smiley stickers (removable), perfect for rewarding young learners.
    • All the above is organised in a durable box with a magnetic lid.


    Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

    Dimensions: 22.8 x 15.5 x 3.5cm
    Weight: 0.9Kg

  • Zara and Hakeem learn Alhamdulillah


    After finding mummy unwell in bed, Zara and Hakeem help with the chores but everyone keeps on sneezing

    Quote from the author

    “As a mum I found that babies and toddlers love it when you make animated sounds when reading, therefore repeating ‘Alhamdulillah’ along with sneezing sounds it will help them link these sounds and words together.”

    Shabeena Rehman




    • Is your child making slow progress through their Qaida?
    • Are they bored and frustrated in their lessons?
    • Do you find it hard to spare the time they need revising at home?

    If so, you’re probably worried this experience will associate bad memories with their Quran learning, which might even lead to them not reciting the Quran often when they are older, and then they’ll miss out on so much reward in this world and the hereafter, leaving you to feel frustrated, sad and regretful.

    You need a way to get your children excited about learning the Quran, speed up their learning progress exponentially, all from the comfort of your home, without needing to spend time teaching them.

    hat will help them in making fun memories with learning the Quran, which will ensure they’ll recite it throughout their lives and benefit from the treasures of peace and guidance the Quran provides. And with that, you’ll feel at ease, happy and fulfilled with no regrets.

    What you’re looking for is something like the Arabic Alphabet Activity Book. At Learning Roots, we’ve been designing such solutions for children for over a decade.

    The Arabic Alphabet Activity Book makes learning fun through:

    • mazes
    • stickers
    • puzzles
    • spot the difference
    • matching games
    • sequence games
    • and so much more!

    All that fun gets your child super excited about the Arabic Letters, so they’ll love learning and look forward to lessons.

    The activity book covers letters in all their forms. Letters are the foundation blocks of words, so this makes the rest of their progress easier and faster, removing your frustration and building momentum in your child’s learning.

    Best yet, most of the activities are self-explanatory, so your kids can get stuck in the book, needing little supervision from you, leaving you stress-free with great results.



  • Little Muslim Notebook

    This wonderfully illustrated notebook is the perfect addition to any young Muslimah’s stationery collection. Great for writing stories, doodling or practicing handwriting. Ideal for home schooling children and would make a perfect gift.
    – A5 Notebook
    – Soft Cover
    – 160 Perforated pages
    – Lined Paper
    – Made in Britain

    – FSC Certified

    – Paper from responsible sources

  • The Story of Khadija


    One day, the Prophet Muhammad was describing Khadija?s virtue, and he pointed to the heaven and earth with his finger and stated, ?Mary, mother of Jesus, is the best of the women of the heavens, and the worthiest woman still living on this earth is Khadija, daughter of Khuwaylid.? Khadija?s life is a source of great inspiration to believers, especially women. She is an excellent example of how one can give to the cause of Islam one?s time, energy, wealth and life. Her story is a reminder to believers to live purposeful lives and, in our prayers, we should remember Khadija and the whole family of the Prophet for their sacrifice and dedication. It was precisely their sacrifice, dedication and hard work that made it possible for Islam to reach all the four corners of the world and allowed the Quran to be preserved in its original form. May Allah be pleased with them all. Once when the Prophet Muhammad was in the Cave of Hira with the angel Jibril, or Gabriel, Jibril saw from afar that Khadija was coming towards the Cave. He said to the Prophet: ?Khadija is coming here. She has brought some food and water for you.? And then he added: ?When she comes in, give her the greetings from her Lord and tell her that there will be a house made of pearls for her in Paradise where there will be neither hardship nor any clamour.? When Khadija arrived, the Prophet said to her: ?Here is Jibril. He is giving greetings to you from your Lord and he himself is greeting you.? Khadija replied: ?God is peace and He is the source of all peace! May Allah?s peace and blessings be upon you, O Messenger of Allah. And my greeting to Jibril!?

  • A5 Super Muslim Notebook


    Beautiful quality premium notebook with 36 plain pages.Illustrated with comic strip style design.
    Perfect for journaling, jotting down notes, writing lists and scribbling down great ideas.
    Makes a lovely little gift, or a great size to pop in your bag for work or school.

    Cover is printed with vegetable soya inks on to premium 350gsm FSC recycled paper.
    Inside there are 36 plain pages, made from 90gsm uncoated recycled paper.


  • Children’s Islamic Activity Book Set (5 Books)


    Five fun-filled and exciting activity books aimed at introducing Islamic concepts to children.

    They can learn about WUDU and PRAYER, travel the globe visiting some of the most beautiful MOSQUES OF THE WORLD… or why not make a trip to the wonderful holy cities of MAKKAH and MADINAH.

    Features dot-to-dot drawings, colouring fun, puzzles to solve and over 60 stickers per book.

    This set of comprises of the following titles:

    1.  Makkah and Madinah Activity book
    2. Ramadan and fasting activity book
    3. Mosques of the world activity book
    4. All about prayer activity book
    5. All about wudu activity book

  • Thank You Oh Allah


    Poetic reflections on Allah’s never-ending blessings, inspiring gratitude to the Creator. Includes 19 colourful illustrations

  • A5 ‘Hajj Notes’ notebook


    Beautiful quality premium notebook with 36 plain pages.Illustrated with a picture of the Kaaba.
    Perfect for journaling, jotting down notes and lists that you may need for Hajj.
    Makes a lovely little gift too.

    Cover is printed with vegetable soya inks on to premium 350gsm FSC recycled paper.
    Inside there are 36 plain pages, made from 90gsm uncoated recycled paper.