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    Prayer Practice is great for motivating your children to perform the five daily prayers. Each set contains eight colourful charts and accompanying stickers all bound together in a flip chart. The charts can also be used to focus on particular aspects of the prayer. Weekly focuses may include topics such as concentration in prayer, praying on time and performing actions correctly amongst others. It’s the perfect resource to accompany children in their introduction to the prayers. Each set comes with shiny gloss page finishes and a calendar style binding for easy hanging on walls.

  • The Story of the Elephant – Surah Al feel

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    The worlds first Quranic pop up and play book.  This intercative book explains the story of surah Al-Feel from chapter 105 of the holy Quran.  With hand-drawn creative illustrations, interactive flaps, a children’s colouring map, press out activity and quiz included, this pop up activity book aims to truly inspire and excite young hearts to engage with the magnificent historical event of Abaha’s army of elephants going to destroy the Ka’ba.



    Zayd is meeting someone by a special pond, but knowing it will be rather hard to find, he enlists the help of his mother before setting off on this journey. With each pond they encounter, Zayd’s description of the special pond becomes even more elaborate than the last, until his mother finally discovers what her son is actually in search for. Will Zayd ever find the special pond? And who does Zayd hope to meet if he finds it? You’ll have to join mother and son at the peak of their magnificent trek to find out…

    The Prophets Pond is a 28 page hardback picture book.

  • The Muslims

    Omar is a kid with a huge imagination. He knows a thing or two about getting through life as a nine year old Muslim in Britain. When Omar’s life is turned upside down as he moves to a new school and becomes the school bully’s new victim, his imagination goes into overactive mode. He attempts to apply the Islamic teachings his family have equipped him with, to his now very challenging life, with entertaining results! The story unfolds with comic craziness as Omar learns to get comfortable with both his British, and Muslim heritage. This book is laugh-out-loud funny. It will have every kid giggling with familiarity! It also provides a window into the lives of an average Muslim family for those wishing to learn about other cultures.

  • Little Explorers – Prophet Musa (AS)


    Little Explorers – Issue 33 | The Islamic Magazine for Muslim Children

    Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt & learn about Prophet Musa (as)!

    What’s inside issue 33?

    • The story of Prophet Musa (as)
    • Activity: Decoding hi-ro-glifs
    • Extra Special Explorers: Stammering
    • A dip in history: A wander around Egypt
    • Wonderful Women: The Queen of Egypt, Aasiyah (as)
    • Aminah & Abdullah in…Easy Peasy!
    • Incredible Inventions: Papyrus – the world’s first paper!

    Plus lots more activities, puzzles & stories!

  • Mini Muslim Mindfulness Activity cards


    Mini Mindful Muslims is a first new and exciting way to introduce mindfulness activities to your mini Muslims and Muslimahs, while spending quality time together.

    The first kind of Islamic mindfulness activity deck for your mini Muslims and Muslimahs!

    This deck is an inclusive tool for nurturing Islamic practises through relaxation techniques, positivity and calmness through mindfulness.

    In this modern life, where everything is face-paced, time pressured and technology-fied, our minds are constantly stimulated by sound, distraction and information overload. It’s time we start slowing down and noticing what is around us to getting the most out of our relationship with God.

    What’s in the pack?

    – Beautifully illustrated double sided pack of 25 mindfulness activities cards

    – Information Booklet with information and references

    – Colour coded 3 sections

    CALM rest & relax  

    FOCUS & awareness

    POSITIVITY & kindness

     Clear easy to follow instructions to guide you through each practice which come with all its brilliant benefits for the whole family!

  • My First Book about the Quran


    “The perfect book to introduce children to the teachings in the Qur’an”

    “The writer has done an outstanding job. Simple and captivating..The way the illustrator has captured the essence of the text and expressed it through illustrations is truly amazing.”Saniyasnain Khan, Director of Goodword Books

    My First Book About the Qur’an: Teachings for Toddlers and Young Children

    By Sara Khan, illustrated by Ali Lodge

    Inside this board book toddlers and young children will find out about the Qur’an’s beautiful teachings: to care for all creation; to respect the books of the Prophet and God; to be good to one another; and to believe in Allah, the Creator.

    Stunning illustrations, full of colour, bring the pages to life and the carefully written text is simple, easy to understand, and suitable to be read aloud.

    It also features some facts about the Qur’an and common questions children might ask, such as: what does the word “Qur’an” actually mean?

    Sara Khan is a writer, translator, and PhD candidate based in the UK.

  • Hakeem learns As-salamu Alaykum


    After learning the meaning of As-salamu Alaykum. Hakeem greets all the animals in the zoo.


    Quote from the author

    “As a mum I found that repetition helps babies and toddlers recall key words, therefore what better sentance to start with than As salamu Alaykum. I wanted to create a fun and cheerful story while teaching children basic concepts in Islam.”

    Shabeena Rehman

  • Mini Muslim Moments Gift Box

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    A great gift box created by the team at Islamic Moments full of Islamic themed stationery and activities for little Muslims.

    Each Mini Muslim Box consists of:

    – A5 Notebook for Mini Muslims

    – Rabbi Zini ‘Ilma Pencil Case – Blue

    – Calculator

    – Colour My Mosque Set

    – 6 Colouring Pencils

    – Greeting Card – Masha’Allah You did it

  • Rabbi Zidni notebook


    This contemporary notebook is the perfect companion for jotting down those all important notes, thoughts and to-do lists. Writing notes has never felt so stylish! This notebook would make a great gift for a loved one of all ages.

    – A5 Notebook
    – Soft Cover
    – 160 Perforated pages
    – Lined Paper
    – Made in Britain
    – FSC Certified
    – Paper from responsible sources

  • Hajj Journal


    This intricate Zellige patterned Hajj notebook is the ideal companion to take with you on the ‘Journey of a lifetime”. A great way to compile all your Hajj to-do lists, Hajj seminar notes, travel itinerary, important duas, record memories, contact numbers etc. Would also make a great gift for those who are about to embark on Hajj.

    – A5 Notebook
    – Soft Cover
    – 160 Perforated pages
    – Lined Paper
    – Made in Britain

    – FSC Certified

     – Paper from responsible sources

  • Set of 3 books on Praying, Eating and Ramadan

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Set of three children’s books

    Book one; Have you prayed?

    – This book concentrates on teaching the importance of Prayer at its prescribed times.

    Book two; Etiquettes of eating

    – This books not only has etiquettes of eating but also includes a Hadith that your children could memorise.

    Book three; The month of Ramadan

    – This book teaches children the meaning of Ramadan and how to take benefit from Ramadan. It also includes a dua for opening your fast that your children can memorise.