The Mothers of the believers - BUNDLE

The Mothers of the believers - BUNDLE

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Buy both books on the Mothers of the Believers (Umm Al-Mumineen) and save instantly with this bundle!

Written in child-friendly easy to understand text, these books will introduce children to the well known wives of the Prophet (SAW), referred to as "the mothers of the believers". This bundle contains the following books:

Khadija (RA)- The wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

A beautifully written book which illustrates the life and great status of Khadijah (RA), the first beloved wife of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

Aisha Siddiqa (RA)

This beautifully written book explores the life of Aisha (RA), the wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - an extraordinary human being. She was highly learned and is considered to be one of the foremost scholars of the early Islamic period. She recorded the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and being a brilliant scholar and an excellent teacher, she explained it with intelligence and insight.


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