Ramadan 2022

This Ramadan help prepare and nourish your children's understanding & love for Ramadan with our vast range of child-friendly products. From lively Ramadan fun books, to journals, to toys and even stickers, there is something for every child to learn from and enjoy this Ramadan and Eid.

In this great month of the Quran, encourage and aid your child with reading and understanding the Quran with our colourful Uthmani script Qurans, Kiitab Pens, Quran pillows, Quran Cubes and Tajweed books. Help test their knowledge about this Holy month with our multitude of Ramadan & fasting activity books. Nourish their love for the Taraweeh prayer buy buying them their own special prayer mats!

 May Allah make this a blessed Ramadan for the whole Ummah, Ameen!