Migo And Ali Love For The Prophets

Migo And Ali Love For The Prophets

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This delightful book contains vibrantly illustrated stories of the prophets, from Adam (as) to Muhammad (saw). The stories are concise, and narrated in engaging, child-friendly language. A question and answer session after each story is also unique in its style, depicted as a conversation between the two lovable characters, and tackling questions that are most likely to arise in a young child’s mind.

‘I read the book and found it very beneficial for Muslim children. It is easy to read and understand. May Allah reward those behind it with the greatest of rewards.’

– Sheikh Shady AlSuleiman

‘The stories are narrated in an age-appropriate, attractive dialogue format which bring up searching and meaningful questions for both the children and adults to ponder over.

The book is vividly illustrated with a gentle sense of humour running through the stories, the main characters (Migo & Ali) introduce special concepts then entice the reader into taking ownership of their learning and discovering more.’

– Dr M.F ElShayyal

– Published in partnership with the Dawah project and supported by Islam Channel

– Complete set of stories of the prophets in one book

– Full colour illustrations throughout

– Unique narrative style

– By the author of My Dad’s Beard

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