Universe Quran
Universe Quran
Universe Quran

Universe Quran

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A complete Quran specially designed for children

  •  Designed with children in mind: A Quran with an out of this world universe theme on the cover. There are plenty of different planets, beautiful fine stars and the soft glow of the moon to round it all off. All inspired by Allah’s(SWT) creation.
  • Unique, eye catching designs of both Surat Al Fatihah, and the first few Ayahs of Surat Al Baqarah.
  • Each Juzu, Hizb and Sajdah has a different planet drawing at the edge of the page, completing the theme by adding a fine little blue circles to each Ayah.
  • The universe Quran has been designed in the UK.
  • Size: 14x20 cm 
  • Arabic Only: Uthmani Script