Remind me of my dua

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One of the best ways to automate the remembrance of Allah in your home, Remind Me of My Dua covers six of the most common and repeated places that you visit around your home, giving you plenty of reminders. 

These six display cards are designed to be placed at key locations around your home, including:

  • Bedroom (dua for Sleeping & Waking)
  • Kitchen (dua for before & after eating)
  • Front Door (dua for entering & leaving the home)
  • Window (dua for morning & evening)
  • Wardrobe (dua for getting dressed)
  • Bathroom (dua for entering & exiting the toilet)

Each card measures 38cm tall and is produced on thick laminated card. The cards can be fixed on your wall using blue-tac or similar light adhesives.

Remind Me of My Dua works with Kiitab! So now your duas can be read out to you along with translations