5 Activities parents can do to teach about Hajj



Hajj is a mandatory religious duty upon Muslims and one of the five pillars of Islam. As parents it is our responsibility to teach children about Hajj and the importance of Hajj. Why we perform Hajj teaches children about the rich history of Islam and the noble and honourable characters of Prophet Ibraheem AS and Prophet Muhammed SAW. This short article gives information about 5 activities we can do with our children to teach them about Hajj.

1. Reading

Reading is a great way to enhance our knowledge and reading does not only improve children’s literacy and imaginative skills but it also results in a better parent-child relationship. There are some great story books about Hajj. Our children should know what Hajj is and why we perform Hajj.  Some recommended books are Road to Mecca by Naima Roberts, A little Tree goes for Hajj by Eman Salem and finally My book of Hajj and Eid ul adha from Flowers of Islam.

 2. Role Play 

Children learn best through play. We can reinforce what we have learnt from our story books and do a role play. Children can learn how to do the Tawaf, how to put on the Ihram and recite Labaik. You can pretend different areas of the house are different destinations that you need to go to e.g. the living room can be Mina and the dining room can be Arafat

3. Arts and Crafts 

Children enjoy arts and crafts. You can make Ka’bah from paper or pilgrims with wooden pegs or empty bottles and tissue rolls. Pinterest has some really amazing ideas and is a must for parents looking for cool craft ideas.

4. Watching Live Hajj on TV is also a great way to teach children about Hajj. Children also learn through visual stimulation. Watching live Hajj and reading Labaik aloud and trying to recognise family and friends who have gone to perform Hajj can build excitement and love of Hajj in a child. Children will love watching live Hajj after reading and learning about Hajj. This is also a great opportunity to teach about our Ummah, unity and respect in our deen for different cultures.

5. Organising a Hajj party for Young children.  Who doesn’t like a party?  You can arrange a small party to celebrate the Hajj season. Decorate the house (good Hajj decoration ideas on Pinterest) and maybe carry out the activities above to teach children about Hajj. Every child is different, some will learn better in small groups and others learn better individually. A Hajj party doesn’t need to be lavish, it can be a simple get together with other mums and the main objective should be to teach and instil the love of Hajj in young children through different activities.

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