Is your Ramadan Basket Ready?

Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and a very spiritual time for many Muslim families across the world.  The young generation of Muslim parents want to make Ramadan fun for their kids.  This is understandable as most of us living in the West see how excited children get when its Christmas or Easter.  We believe it is very important that we make our religious events and celebrations fun and memorable for our children.  We have noticed an increase in the number of Muslim parents giving their children a Ramadan basket a few days before Ramadan.  We believe anything that makes our religion fun for kids is a must have.  A Ramadan basket is basically a small basket which includes products to help children learn about Ramadan and make the month fun for children.  We have listed a few items you can add in your Ramadan basket. Whilst the kids are busy with the activities in the Ramadan basket, parents can utilise this time in prayer/ibadah as this is what will benefit us and what Ramadan should really be about for the grownups.



Books make a perfect gift for any occasion.  You can put books about Ramadan or stories of the prophets. You can include a dua book or a colouring book.  It all depends on the age of your child, your budget and if you have any Ramadan goals for your child.  It is important to include books as it is important for us as parents to encourage our children to read.


This all depends on how much sugar you let your child have.  There is no harm in putting a little naughty treat in your Ramadan basket as the whole purpose of this basket is to build excitement for the holy month.

Ramadan Calendar

You can add a Ramadan countdown calendar.  You can either purchase a chocolate countdown calendar or a fabric calendar.  Both are available from our website  We have a Ramadan activity section our website and you can download our Ramadan good deeds calendar cut each deed and insert it into the pockets of the fabric calendar or a jar.  This will encourage your child to do a good deed every day e.g. smiling at my neighbour or helping mummy with dinner etc.


You can also include small toys, puzzles or word search to keep them busy during Ramadan.  Each child can have one small toy or you could buy one family game to bond with each other during this blessed.

Colouring pens and colouring books

When you have young children you can never go wrong with buying colouring pens and books or any new stationary

Ramadan Decorations

You can add bunting or balloons in the basket and your children can help you decorate a few days before Ramadan. This will definitely build excitement for the month ahead.

Children’s Prayer mats and prayer beads

Having their own prayer mat may encourage your children to pray with you as they have their very own prayer mat. Children love ownership.  They can take their small prayer mats with them to the masjid.

What do you include in your Ramadan basket? Share your ideas with us. Tag us in your Instagram posts.