5 Must have books for Ramadan

Ramadan is a few weeks away and like me most parents with young children also want to make Ramadan fun and memorable for their children.  I remember four years ago when we first started Ibraheem Toy House I could not find Islamic books that were well written with fun characters and beautiful illustrations.  Alhumdulilah since then the Muslim writers have improved and most importantly there is an increase in the number of Muslims writing good quality books with fun characters.  Ramadan is a very busy time for us at Ibraheem Toy House, and this year it was difficult to decide which books to stock for Ramadan because every single book we reviewed was amazing.  So we decided to share our top 5 books this Ramadan. All these books are available at Ibraheem Toy House, some of these books are on pre order and will be dispatched a few days before Ramadan inshallah. I’m sure just like me you guys will love these books.


The book that makes it to the top our list is My Ramadan Dua book.  As you know we love anything that is interactive. As this book is a sound book it is ranked the highest.  This book will help your child learn Ramadan duas in both Arabic and English.  Follow the story of two characters Fatima and Ali who are super excited about their first fast and together they learn all the duas.  Your child can decide which language they want to hear the Duas in English or Arabic.  One of the reasons we love this book is because those who do not understand Arabic will understand what they are reciting and as we know memorising duas is important but even important to know the meaning of what you are memorising.  I believe when you know the meaning of a dua it is more powerful for your imaan.  With this book you will hear and learn the following duas;

  • Dua’ for Beginning Fast
  • Dua for Breaking Fast
  • Dua’ after Breaking Fast
  • Surah AlQadr
  • Dua’ for Laylatul Qadr
  • Dua’ for New Moon
  • Eid Takbeer
  • Eid Mubarak

The next book we love and recommend is Ramadan around the world.  I clearly remember the excitement when I saw this book.  This book shows how children from various cultures around the world celebrate Ramadan. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the Muslim community around the world. Children of various nationalities, abilities and disabilities are represented throughout the book. Also, families of diverse sizes and demographics have been equally represented. The book is narrated by the Ramadan moon who takes the reader around the world to visit children as they observe Ramadan.  As the moon visits each country, a wide range of cultural customs, dishes, traditional wear and key Ramadan spiritual practices are introduced to the reader. The young reader will be swept away with the bright colours and relatable content and also enjoy this journey of travel, discovery and learning.

It is a book that can be enjoyed by children as young as one and as old as 11 as each child will notice something that speaks to them or teaches them something new. As a mother I felt it was important to stock this book because this book educates children about the different cultures around the world and shows that Muslims are diverse with different family units, skin tones and cultures. This book can be used to teach children about respect, inclusivity and diversity in our religion and in this world. This book also helps children learn the important Ramadan vocabulary and builds excitement for Ramadan.


Moving on to our third book which includes two fun characters your will never forget.  Yes you’re right we are talking about the latest Ilyas and Duck Ramadan joy book.  I feel like when it comes to writing children’s books our American brothers and sisters get it right all the time.  The author of this book Omar Khawaja writes books that are not only fun but books with important messages.  He knows how to make book engaging, fun and informative. This is a rhyming book about a little boy called Ilyas and his best friend Duck and how they enjoy Ramadan.  This book teaches about the benefits of fasting, sharing, giving and other good deeds.  In this book the author has also introduced a new character for your kids.


Ramadan Moon is the 4th book on our list. This is a special Ramadan book in our house as we read it every year before Ramadan starts to build up excitement.  The beautiful illustrations are eye catching and most importantly our kids have memorised the words in the book. One of the reasons we love this book is because the author Naima B Roberts talks about the excitement that’s comes with Ramadan.

Last but not least It’s Ramadan, Curious George is a must have Ramadan book for your child.  This book is about a young boy called Kareem and his monkey friend named George who fast for a day and open their fast with their family.  This book also illustrates how the two main characters celebrate Eid and why Eid is an important time for Muslims across the world.  My children love this book as they love watching curious George on TV and they were very excited to Curious George in this book.

How do you teach your children about Ramadan?  What books do you read?  Share your favourite books with us.  We would love to know what your children enjoy reading. Remember all of these books can be purchased from our online toy store http://www.ibraheemtoyhouse.com