Who is Muhammad?

There can be little doubt that the man Muhammad is known in every land across the globe. Many may understand his connection with Islam, many may have heard half-truths or perhaps even lies about him.

There has never existed, nor will there ever be, as influential and great a leader as Muhammad; a fact that has been agreed upon by many secular publications and authorities.

But who was he? How is it that he became worthy of such fame and respect, even now, more than a thousand years since he passed away.

Who is Muhammad?

Muhammad was exceptional to other famous leaders because, not only was a religious leader, but also a secular one. In addition to founding one the today’s major religions, which has more followers today than any other faith, he also was a great political leader; most notably unifying a vast area of the Arabian peninsula which had previously been torn apart by tribal wars.

His influence around the world is still felt today, more than thirteen centuries after his death.

Leo Tolstoy said,

“Muhammad has always been a standing lower than Christianity. He does not consider god as a human being and never makes himself equal to God. Muslim worship nothing except God and Muhammad is His messenger. There is no mystery and secret in it!”

One of the most notable differences between Muhammad and other great leaders, was the environment into which he was born and lived. If we consider other great leaders, such as Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln or Gandhi for example, they already lived in the centre of a great civilisation, often at the height of its military, academic or cultural success. Muhammad did not.

He was born in a remote desert town, far from contact with such great civilisations. By many, the tribes and deserts around Mecca would have been considered “backward” by the standards of that time. Muhammad himself was illiterate, as were most of his people, and an orphan. From these humble beginnings, how is it possible that we are still speaking about him today! How did he unify nations, give rights to women and slaves, establish a new legal system, lead great armies into battle, and found a “new” monotheistic religion.

From these facts, it is clear that Muhammad was a great man; a man like no other. But how did he do it? What was it about him that made him capable of such impressive achievements?

The wealth of information that is available on Muhammad cannot be confined to the limits of a blog post. Instead, please find below a list of reliable resources, written by people of knowledge, that can teach those who are new to the subject.



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“Muhammad. His Life Based on the Earliest Sources” by Martin Lings

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 ‘The Message’ Starring Anthony Quinn

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For Children

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Muhammad was, by all accounts, the greatest man to ever walk this earth. Whatever our faith, or views of Islam; whether out of academic interest, spiritual concern or mere curiosity, we would all do well to learn more about him.

Do you have any good resources about Muhammad that you would like to see added to this list? Please tell us about them in the comments below!