Preparing for Ramadan-Tips for mums

Alhumdulilah the blessed month of the Islamic calendar is fast approaching and like me most mums are stressing out on how they will manage everything on an empty stomach. After all most of us are super mums who work, look after our children and our homes so this is a natural feeling. It can be extremely challenging for mums to make the most of Ramadan with so many other responsibilities. In this blog I will share some tips on what we can do prior Ramadan to ensure we spend most of our Ramadan gaining maximum rewards by worshiping or praying as much as we can insha’allah. Here are a few small things that we can do before Ramadan to ensure we are not rushed off our feet and shattered when we should be praying, reflecting and renewing our imaan.

1- Firstly, write down your Ramadan goals. What would you like to achieve spiritually? Are there any topics you want to learn more about? Set yourself simple realistic and achievable goals, like I will read 20 minutes of Quran everyday with the meaning. If you set simple goals before Ramadan you are more likely to complete them and make the most of Ramadan.

2- Write a meal plan for the month of Ramadan. You can do a big food shop before Ramadan and you can also prep some ingredients and freeze them. Insha’allah this should mean less time cooking in the kitchen and more time to focus on your Ramadan goals.

3- Cleaning your house (deep cleaning kitchen cupboards and other deep cleaning around the house) a week before Ramadan so you are not draining yourself out cleaning while you are fasting. This is especially beneficial for mums who work outside the house.

4- If you are a snacker like me, it would be useful to stop snacking two weeks before Ramadan so your body can easily adjust to the new situation.

5- Buy your Eid clothes and Eid gifts before Ramadan. Let’s admit how many of you have left your child’s Eid clothes or shoes completely to the last minute. It is better to be slightly organised than rush around shops during the last precious days of Ramadan.

6- Ramadan is also a time when most families give their zakat and it is a great opportunity to teach your children about giving to the needy and reflecting and counting the blessings Allah SWT has bestowed on us. Before Ramadan begins you can plan out the topics we would like to teach your children. You can spend 20 minutes a day talking about prayer, why we pray and why it’s important to pray. You can cover the following topics depending on your child’s age and understanding, e.g.; intentions, Zakat, Umrah, Eid, Hajj, why we fast, How the Quran was revealed, stories of the prophet.

7- A week or two before Ramadan sit down with your children and tell them Ramadan is fast approaching and what you expect from them, what will change (most likely dinner time). Will your family routine change? Will your children go to bed early or are they old enough to sit with you until iftar? If children are told about what is expected from them they will behave much better Inshallah.

Hope these tips have been useful Inshallah. Please do forgive me if I have made any mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. I hope you all have a lovely Ramadan with your family and loved ones.