Encouraging Your Children To Love The Quran by The Muslimah Mommy

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu,
I want to thank sister Nazia for inviting me as a guest blogger to discuss different ways in which we can encourage our children to love the Quran; Insha’Allah, I pray this post is of benefit to anyone who reads it.
As a Muslimah mother to three children, I feel it is important to teach my children the love of Islam at an early age; this includes encouraging my children to love the Quran and the meaning of our holy Book. Below are some tips to help your children love the Quran:
1. Start Reciting The Quran To Your Children Early On:
You should start reciting the Quran to your child as soon as possible; and by soon as possible, I mean as soon as you find out you are expecting a child. Insha’Allah, this way you will be making it a habit for yourself to recite the Quran regularly before your child arrives (if you are not already doing so); this is important because you will be the child’s role model, therefore it’s important that your child sees you and hears you reading the Quran daily. Moreover, your baby will be listening to the words of the Quran while in the womb- what a beautiful and special way to introduce Islam to your child before he or she even enters this duniya!
Once your baby has arrived into this world, select a time of day (or multiple times of the day) to recite certain verses of the Quran to your child. For instance, instead of a bedtime song, recite Surah Al Fatiha to your child. Insha’Allah not only will you be establishing a routine for your child before bedtime, but hearing the verses will create a calming atmosphere for your child and eventually he or she will associate the Quran with peace and calmness.
2. Teach Your Children The Meaning Of The Verses:
As your children get older, it’s important to educate them on the meaning of the Quran. Once your children know the true message behind the verses they recite, they will realize how our holy Quran is filled with so much truth, miracles, and beauty.
Don’t forget to teach your children to respect the Quran as well, i.e It should not be stepped on, put on the ground, or disrespected in any way. Inform your children that the Quran is a holy Book sent down to us that contains the truth and is of a guidance of how we should live-
Surah Saad (38:29)- This is a Book which We have sent down upon you, a blessed Book, for them to ponder upon its verses, and for men of intellect to accept advice.
3. Use Different Methods To Educate Your Children:
Every child is different, and therefore every child will have a preferred way of learning. For instance, one child may learn best by hearing the recitation of the Quran, and another child may learn the Quran best by writing the Arabic alphabet.
In addition, your child may have an interest in reading story books about the messages within the Quran, or perhaps he or she would prefer to watch Islamic DVD’s. Get creative, and try different methods to encourage your child to love the Quran. Don’t just teach them to read it, educate them on what they are reading! Use games, books, colouring sheets, word search puzzles, DVD’s, have group discussions together, and so on.
More than ever, do not punish your children for not learning how to read the Quran as quickly as you like them to. Instead, reward them for their efforts and make sure they know you are proud of them for trying. Teaching your children the message of the Quran is key, for your children will pass on what they learned to their children, so make sure you teach them with love, peace, patience, and care! May Allah guide us all and may our children be the coolness of our eyes! Ameen!
Sumaira Zaheer holds a degree in Strategic Management and Organization from the University of Alberta, and is the blessed mother of three active children. Sumaira is also a passionate blogger at www.themuslimahmommy.com where she shares her experiences, tips, and advice on pregnancy through parenthood, in addition to posts on Islamic parenting and Islamic inspiration. You can also find The Muslimah Mommy on Instagram (@TheMuslimahMommy) and on Facebook (The Muslimah Mommy).