Little Explorers – Learn It Bundle!

Little Explorers – Learn It Bundle!

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 Enjoy and save with Little Explorers "Learn It Bundle"

Little Explorers is the world's 1st global magazine for Muslim children. The magazines are jam packed with Islamic content for young Muslims between the ages of 5 – 11 years old.

From Prophetic stories, learning activities, adventures comic strips, games and knowledge missions, Little Explorers magazine is full of non stop learning and fun orientated for Muslims who really care about the content their children are exposed to.

What comes as part of the Little Explorers Learn It bundle?
Issue 28 - Learn about the sacred month of Dhul Hijjah plus lots more 
Issue 29 - Beat the boredom with issue 29 plus lots more 
Issue 30 - Explore our colourful world with issue 30 plus lots more 
Issue 32 - It’s all about family with issue 32 plus lots more 
Issue 33 -Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt & learn about Prophet Musa (AS) plus lots more!